I’ve had the pleasure to work with Marie-José Hakens on recent projects. Marie-José is extremely professional, highly skilled and efficient in her approach to business, and applies the same attitude in working with people. Her experience, background and insight is worth its weight in gold when it comes to business strategy, coaching and consulting.

She is an exuberant energetic person who has a passion for truly helping people and businesses realise their potential. Marie-José knows how to help people live a happier and more satisfying life. She conducts herself at all times in a professional manner. She commands respect and inspires those working with her.

She openly displays her passion for making the most of human capital and has a flair for creative problem solving. I am honoured to have Marie-José as a friend. I want to thank you Marie-José for all the help and support you have given me with your warm and caring and unselfish heart and positive attitude to life. You are an amazing person, beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being here.

…….. Donald Pillai, owner, strategic marketing professional at Putting the Wow factor in your business