A long time ago I (1962) chose to study psychology, preferring that to my second option of studying English Literature. Seeing what I am and thoroughly love doing now, it was  a wise and fitting choice. I did and do love the English language a lot, which came in very handy as most of my education, the books, the articles, the workshops were and are given in English. With the expanding internationalisation of my friends, connections and colleagues, speaking, writing and reading English are daily occurrences. My German speaking and understanding have been ‘bred into me’ from an early age, having grown up around a German grandmother, lots of German television ánd, last but not least, a German-like dialect at home.

Ich arbeite seit mehr als 30 Jahren im Gebiet der existentiellen und berufs-relatierten Psychologie. Fragen womit Klienten oft bei mir kommen, betriffen zum Beispiel wie mit mehr Energie und Autenticität, mit mehr Spass, Begeisterung und Glück auch, das Leben oder die Arbeit Form zu geben. Wie Ziele zu stellen oder Änderungen an zu gehen auf eine Weise die Gesundheits befördernd, Selbst bestähtigend und bekräftigend ist. Wie in allen möglichen Beziehungen, in der Arbeit oder Privat, sichselbst traü zu sein und bei zu tragen an ein begeistertes und produktieves Zusammen Sein. Wie statt Überleben zu Lében in einer mehr liebevollen und klaren Beziehung zu sichselbst (und damit auch zu Anderen). Weil dann Alles anders wird.

That said, you are most welcome if you wish to use my services as a Psychologist/Coach in one of these languages. Having been active in the field of occupational and existential psychology and coaching for more than 30 years, I now facilitate people in work- and life-related matters, in the broadest sense of the word.

Driving issues or themes to start coaching usually concern making sense of one’s life, health and relationships: What’s it all about?! What is this ‘no more!’ or ‘There hás to be more!’ that keeps showing up in me. Satisfaction and efficiency in one’s job, or wanting to investigate and talk about how health and awareness can be ádded into someone’s life, organisation or work. Often my clients/coachees also experience a lack of energy or a draining of their energy levels, confusion concerning their sense of purpose or direction in what they are doing/living. Feeling the effect of all this also in their relationship with themselves and/or others.

As a psychologist and coach I deeply believe in and work with what presents itself effortlessly in our sessions, trusting your and my inner wisdom and clarity. Honoring You in all that you are and all  that you have had the courage to live up until now. No judgements, allowing insights and choices to present themselves in a ‘safe’ and ‘light’ atmosphere.

This has again and again proven to be a very successful and empowering approach indeed, besides being a gloriously fún and intuitive way to work together!

‘Deep’ issues show themselves easily and gracefully, moving ’through’ or beyond them in ever surprising and different ways. We focus on what works for yóu, to allow more insight in what you really want, what you would like to create or choose for yourself. This also means that we will always come back to what your ‘issue’ is fundamentally about, beyond the stories, the beliefs, the convictions, the patterns. Because if you, in all your uniqueness, know what ultimately makes your Life worth living, what makes you tick, then everything changes. With ease and grace, because you can and you’re the one to allow it.

In my experience the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll have in your whole life, which is reflected back to you in many ways, also through your relationships with others. When that relationship with yourself improves and gains clarity and trust, when you take responsibility for what you are living, you will see it reflected instantly in your health, your energy levels, the newness of your experiences, the relationships you have outside of yourself, with others.

Responsibility and ownership for one’s life, a freeing and empowering choice indeed, both for yourself ánd others. With new perspectives and insights, new room to experiment and to expand your experiences and your awareness. Living Life fully and consciously, what a potential!

Please feel free to call me or email me for more information, if you have questions whether your ‘theme’ can be addressed in my practice or if you simply want to make an appointment. You are very welcome. Live and through Video Chat.